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You’d feel comfortable and free during sex and perform perfectly; unfettered by the pull and stresses of your daily life.

Now imagine you are asked to describe your own sex life. Sex is a powerful and enigmatic part of women’s lives and identities.

It’s essential to take a step back and consider the implications of labelling people, Dr. Nothing any woman experiences in relation to her sexual health should be deemed a dysfunction, and we should be careful how we use the word normal where it comes to sex.“What’s normal sexual practice? “It’s what’s normal for you and it’s what feels right,” she says.

As we can’t define female sexual dysfunction in a way that doesn’t force women into a normal versus dysfunctional binary, it shouldn’t be something they are identified against.

I’ve been recording women’s names and details of how they were killed since January 2012 when Counting Dead Women was launched. Men’s fatal violence against women in the UK crosses boundaries of class, race, nationality and age.

And it makes something seem really abnormal when actually it’s not, because it’s not spoken about.”Sadly, this is not a throwaway nod to British culture: women and girls in the UK are more likely to have poor sexual health than their European counterparts. In a report by Maternity Action and the Women’s Health & Equality Consortium (WHEC), a woman wrote that “there are some GPs that are respectful and some that just love power and treat women like naughty children”, in response to a question about communicating with doctors.

Engaging medical professionals in topics of female sexual health is essential in changing the culture surrounding female sexual dysfunction, adds Dr. All this silence and shame is doing nothing to promote understanding of female sexual health, or work to define useful ways to educate, diagnose, and help women. It’s not like you’re trying to get a normal blood pressure [reading] out of someone.” And if a patient told her they didn’t want to have sex ever again, she would never make them feel that they should.

For the year ending March 2015, the Home Office Homicide Index recorded 518 homicides.

There were 186 female victims, 331 male victims, and one victim whose sex is unknown/undeclared.

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