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) The taxi system in Ukraine is pretty good though. My friend could find me an apartment which wasn’t in the centre, but not far from metro (subway) for equivalent of about a day, agencies in just a little bit better location wanted .You call the service, give collection and destination and get sms with make, model and reg of a car together with the amount! The agencies providing serviced accommodation are aplenty. Yes, the standard was better, but then you pay twice as much.Even if you speak very little, it is appreciated in a way a French waiter will serve you much better even if you speak with broken French.2) Forget that lots of girls will throw themselves at you just because you live in the States or Western Europe. I have well over 100 female friends in Ukraine and Russia and some make much better money than me over in the UK as a Finance Manager.She was a lovely girl, much younger who didn't mind I was divorced and had 2 daughters with 2 women (yes, I know I sound bad myself - I've had a fair share of sh*t in my life).I loved that, despite young age, she was very mature, knew what she wanted unlike British chicks whom I couldn't have an intelligent conversation with (e.g.Some of my mates flew with me to Ukraine and meet nice girls, most speak English. About 20 looked drop dead gorgeous, so gorgeous that I felt bad about myself Oh, the site is in Russian so you might need to get it translated, but ad in English.

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– it really means a lot to them because their guys just don’t care. If you give attention, show appreciation, they are yours believe me.

Hitler apparently was executed on live TV, "I've been to Italy 10 times and didn't realise it is in Europe" kind of intelligence).

As I spoke Russian as a kid, it was easier to learn that (actually when I got into dating a lot of Ukrainian girls while staying in Kiev or via Skype - I have mastered it in 3 months - and think how much you'd have to pay for meetings with native speaker to learn the language lol).

No matter scam or not, why would I continue with someone who isn't in a dialogue with me Then, one day, a Russian girl (19) chatted me up on ICQ.

Wanted to improve her English as she was a student.

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