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Henri Becquerel of France discovered natural radioactivity a year later.

In 1898, Pierre and Marie Curie isolated the first radioactive elements, radium-226 and polonium-210.

Since they cannot penetrate even the outer dead layer of our skin, they are not an external hazard.

Beta particles are electrons emitted from nucleus of atoms at nearly the speed of light.

Radiation is emitted by radioactive elements naturally present in the soil, water, and air.

The major sources include potassium-40, uranium-238, and thorium-232.

They have a very small mass compared to protons or neutrons and carry a negative charge.

Alpha particles consist of two protons and two neutrons and carry a positive charge.Ionization is the process by which radiation affects the human body and by which it can be detected as well.There are four basic types of ionizing radiation: alpha, beta, gamma and neutron.The momentous discoveries of these physicists led to a rapid advancement of scientific knowledge about radiation and radioactivity, as well as to many practical uses.For purposes of radiation safety, only radiation with the capability to cause ionization is of concern.

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